‘Eating with your hands can make your food taste better and improve its texture’

Eating with your fingers can improve the taste of your food, a psychologist claims.

Ditching knives, forks and spoons to get hands on with your dinner can also improve its texture, says Professor Charles Spence.

The University of Oxford lecturer said: “Eating with our hands helps to make us more mindful about what we are eating and heighten our dining experience.

“Many of the world’s most popular foods are eaten with the hands – think burgers, tacos, tortilla, wraps and wings – so why can’t other foods be as well?

“The fork gets in the way and separates you from your senses.”

Research appears to back up Prof Spence’s claims. A survey by restaurant booking platform TheFork shows one in four Brits would try ditching the cutlery.

Of the 2,500 people questioned, 19% felt “more relaxed” when eating with hands, while others said it was easier (13%) and made the meal tastier (10%).

Meanwhile, 20 London restaurants are this month offering diners the chance to eat fork-free at special sittings to avoid worry about what others might think.